New Blog Segment!

Today is an exciting day! As some of you may know, but most do not, I have set out to add a monthly segment to my blog called First-Time Picture Book Author Cover Letters Exposed!

I am starting this segment because I have scoured the interwebs and found very little in the way of picture book cover letter and query examples from first-time picture book authors. So, my goal is to gather as many successful first-time picture book cover letters as I can and post them here for the world to see!

To get started I contacted Tara Lazar, who is the founder of PiBoIdMo,  the author of The Monstore (love it!) and the upcoming picture book, I Thought This Was A Bear Book, which is due to be released in August of 2015. Tara was incredibly sweet to answer my wayward Facebook message asking if she would be interested in sharing the cover letter for her first picture book; but, alas, since Tara was recommended to her agent she didn’t send the traditional cover letter, so we didn’t feel as though it would really help here.

Never fear!

Tara was super sweet to point me in the direction of a few other wonderful authors who could help!

I am thrilled to announce that Pat Zietlow Miller, who is the author of the amazingly adorable Sophie’s Squash (my daughter and I are seriously obsessed with this book—and no it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that my daughter’s name is Sophia and that she too often shares an affinity for inanimate objects) and the upcoming picture book, Wherever You Go, which is due to be released in April of 2015, has happily agreed to be my first guest! Run-on...I know.

Happy dance!

I was originally going to post this segment at the end of the month, but am too excited! So, I have decided to post it on Friday!

I will attempt to have a new guest picture book author every month showcasing their first successful picture book cover letter. I hope you can join us for this informative and entertaining series.

Stay tuned!

And now for my Friday poem, which has apparently turned into a Monday Poem...

Sick Day
by Carissa Mina

My face is flush
I feel like mush
I breath a wheeze
I need to sneeze

No school today
No time for play
Just stay in bed
And rest my head

My body hurts
I need desserts
Some ice cream, please!
My head to ease

A big cold bowl
A small north pole
I gobble down
Then stop to frown

It does not help
I start to yelp
Mom runs in quick
To check her chick

She sings a song
I hum along
And then I sleep
A heavy heap

And when I rise
I rub my eyes
I'm feeling good
just like I should

Happy Writing!


Carissa Mina


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