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Author Interview with Corinna Luyken: The Road to Writing...and Illustrating!

Today it is my pleasure to introduce the amazingly talented children's book writer and illustrator, Corinna Luyken who is here to talk about her road to writing...and illustrating!
Welcome Corinna!

I first came across Corinna's picture book The Book of Mistakes while browsing the children's picture book section for inspiration and books to purchase (because you can never have too many books, right?). The moment I set eyes on The Book of Mistakes, I knew I had to have it! It wasn't just the beautiful, seemingly simplistic yet incredibly detailed illustrations that made me connect with the book, but also the heartfelt and important message of the story. I have struggled throughout my career as a writer and artist to embrace my mistakes, so I connected with this idea straight away.To me, this is an incredibly important addition to literature for children, not only because it lets them know it's okay to make mistakes, but also because it shows them that mistake…

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